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16th Century Anatolia was Çeşme region's foreign trade port. Especially Genoese merchants had settled into the fountain opposite Chios. Chios in 1566 passed into the hands of the Ottomans, the fountain commercial supremacy; Until that time, products are sold only western Anatolia, a small trading center of Izmir, which was hooked. Anatolia Bursa region's major silk production center for silk, used when sending via Çeşme to Chios, Izmir Port will export and trading center. 
     Alacati swamp south in the 1850s; the time of the grand vizier "drain the swamp's" behest natural harbor in the south, reaching Alacati opens a channel. Plains with large drainage ditches, ensuring dried swamp. Channels opened later reached the size of a port where ships dock. It's time to work this month, and led the Pilgrims to the network Memiş development of the island's Greek workers brought to work in the business. 
    Incoming Greek workers, Alacati port 1000m. north by building new Alacati settle. For fields that can not handle large Turkish landowners to operate their fields, and after a while allocate and transfer, provided that they give to the Greeks.In a sense, the "build-operate-transfer" model. Greek business owners develop viticulture in Alacati.


When it came time to transfer their property to the Turks in history "Postof events as" the event takes place. The Greeks and the Turks devretmez property. 
municipal organization was established in 1873 in Alacati. Approximately, 19th century in and around Alacati, Cesme, Costa, Farm, 45,000 people are living together in Ovacik etc.. This population of forty thousand Greeks, Turks are the remaining five thousand. 
Today's century ago, from Alacati wines are exported to foreign countries. Alacati come between wine quality wines in the world. So the most important church in Alacati decorative figures are also a bunch of grapes. 
Balkan War of 1912 changed the fate of Alacati. Fleeing the turmoil in the Balkans, especially Yugoslavia, Macedonia fountain with parts of the ship is the first immigrants settled in Alacati. These immigrants advent of, among the Greeks created a panic and in a short time zone leave. 
  This time, 15 May 1919, by the Greeks in Izmir, after the invasion, into Anatolia (Usak, Kutahya, Afyon and Konya) last Balkan immigrants replaced again Greek immigrants get. 
Larger offensive start and Greek occupation ended by this time, Balkan immigrants back to Alacati income (November 1922), and wherein the Greek islands in the rotation. 
Meanwhile, January 30, 1923 at between Turkey and Greece "in Lausanne exchange agreement "signed; According to this agreement with the Orthodox Greeks in Istanbul excluding Muslims in Western Thrace, Greece resident Muslims in Turkey, built-Orthodox Greeks in Turkey immigrate to Greece are exchanged. Thus, during the Balkan War in Alacati immigrants from Kosovo and Bosnia, Albanians and Bosnians from Thessaloniki (Karaferya'lılar a), Kavala (Karacaova'l of henna), Crete and Kos is also added to the Emigrants. Alacati population 10 years once again in such a short time would be completely altered. 
Alacati time of the Greeks in a bright period in the history of viticulture and winemaking live with, Alaçatı the difficult years after the exchange begins. Muslim Turks from the Balkans, they know viticulture and olive Alacati ties disassembled;place, Thessaloniki tobacco growing is done by immigrants. Kosovo and Bosnia immigrants know if they work livestock do.  
 Tobacco and anise essential, including melons, onions, other vegetables and fruit cultivation and animal husbandry Alacati 1980s, carrying the main production and subsistence elements have been. 
  Later, agricultural production, the location of the trade and partly fishing and tourism are taken; these days has been reached.

     City of Izmir Cesme Alacati township District, Izmir (79km) - Çeşme (7km) and at a distance; Izmir-Cesme peninsula on the road has been narrowing over the Ilica (North) and Port Alacati (South), between east and west, the mountains are an extension of her husband was set on a ridge. The Aegean Sea to the west and fountain, from the east to the town of Urla with Uzunkuyu grove is limited. 16m above sea level. area of 55 km2. Connected to the central district of the village of Alacati is 3. 0:50 to 1:00 at the town's geological ground under the feet thick vegetative soil cover has white and yellow marl and sietl ground. White calcareous marl and limestone around the town consists of. 
  west Fountain is an extinct volcano on the border of Montenegro has rich thermal sources. Near the parish center, which carry rainwater has a small creek bed. Founded on the plains of Alacati Alacati Kutlu Aktas this by drinking plain water dam was put into service in 1998. Especially in the area of the arable land of olives, anise, onions, artichokes are produced.Alacati Turkey also has a single gum tree in the garden. South of Port Alacati continuous natural despite the wind blowing in the world by sea without waves suitable for surfing is one of the important centers. Bears all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate region. Wet winters - mild, summers are hot and dry switch. Alacati population also varies according to season. Winter population of 10,000, while the summer population of 40-50 thousand finds.


    Until the end of the 1980s a major part of the economy is based on agriculture, trade and tourism in Alacati today began to make its presence felt. 1100 bed capacity in the region that are developing new tourist projects. Surf stations in Alacati beaches provide a major tourist movement. 
     Alacati home visits initiated by the hospitality of the people are attracting the attention of tourists. Manufacturers market opened on Saturdays all Alacati and Cesme offers service to the people. Authentic Alaçatı houses, cobbled streets and surf center; ongoing construction of the marina, airport construction and operation of dams and major tourist centers of the future will be one of Alacati gives the signal.


    Alacati Il is connected to the town by the name of Ionian Village on the date named, major coastal settlements in the coastal region of western Anatolia, is one of the middle Erythrai is located on the ruins of the ancient city. Erytha is the Greek city of Ionia. After the Trojan War (XI century BC) was founded by Cretans are known Pomphylia'lı with. Stay connected to the people and customs of Jesaly Although the council has entered into Ionia. City has evolved from the classical political. Genos also for the benefit of the Royal Basil was overthrown, then the tyranny of the Ortyges started.Located in the commercial monopoly claims Erythrai Kios had to fight against. The conquest of Persia putting an end to this conflict has caused rapid collapse Erythrai. The most important part of the city, the acropolis, situated on a hill overlooking any time of the day and even reveals incompatible views. 
    Erythrai nature has created legends. Strabo, the region recounting of the city, located in front and "Hippie" (Horses) Islands called four small islets, as well as two important mountain that Korykas (Kiran mountains) and Mimas Mountain at that time rich hunting animals with forest-covered high is a mountain. Korykas the mountains; Sibylle famous seer in history is shared with the legend. Erythrai, Sibylla 'is recognized as the birthplace of inspiration and prophecy the power of the gods and gave it to Sibylla. 
    Sibylla's father mortal mother, i have the Nymph. Nymph, Sibylla is born of the priesthood has been started, the fortunes pouring from his mouth in a string i was a kid, and more dedicated to the Temple of Apollo. According to legend, 110 years Sibylle each holding nine people lived life. 
    Kent in the history of the Archaic period, having a history dating back some pottery workshops, holds a very important place. To the immediate north reach the sea and the name of a river god whose axos' from the tea coastal areas established in these workshops, bowls, pots, roof tiles, weights and more important than amphorae produced was. All these Ionia Erythrai Amphora is engaged in the production reveals an important center. 
    town between the years 1963-1966 and then Ekrem Gultekin Rights Akurgal excavations were made. M.Ö.3 first. century on the northern slopes of the Acropolis, the Ancient Theatre was extracted from soil. In the high plains of the Acropolis in the research found the remains of a temple. The city of around 5 km in length was found to be surrounded by a wall. 
    Studies on the acropolis in BC VII. and VI. -century pottery, stone and clay figurines found. These findings are the most ancient of the city Erythrai. Among the finds of animal and human figures painted in white and blue depicts the gods. BCVII. end of VI century and more. century 's all of the figures for the first half is a votive.


     Alacati has given importance to artistic activities from the past and have opened their arms. Dörtbinkişilik cultural center of the amphitheater, and three hundred people, especially at the end of June, "INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN AND YOUTH THEATRE FESTIVAL" is jollify with. From various countries of the world with colorful clothes and doing theater chirping of Turkey's cities participating children and youth meet in the language of art together. This year, the festival will be held onüçüncü, developed in future years will continue.

   ALAÇATI Mediterranean town ...

    Prof. Dr.. The text in Cesme Alacati for review article says; Increased tension at myself where I was always in Alacati.Traveller ugliness with glasses, trying to see mistakes that I reached one of life in Alaçatı bazaar, when I heard the depth.There are also those who do not think of it as a new name, the tension diminishes, I see myself as the Mediterranean uncorrupted one. Red tiled roofs, whitewashed Mediterranean coastal town of homes is always disclosed. Climate, culture, sea, authentic, natural and enthusiastic with the structure of music with a different interpretation is peculiar people. Mediterranean climate of the Aegean femininity had in Alacati, still Levantine smelling Greek houses cobbled cobblestone sitting in women, with white american cloth attached to the network yarns interwoven with dantelâl window of the geranium flower, with narrow streets between them loitering in the evening breeze encountered when my soul jollify is. Centuries, dating from windmills to attack Don Quixote comes before my eyes, now wind glands four non-shredded in front of my tea sipping ... 
installed carts, mold has been installed on wine to be going Raza grapes, yağhane squeezed in olive oil jug bearing the donkey carts would imagine. Then gum extends to the garden, under the trees, I see the chicks and sheep grazing gum.Marketplace passing in front of the mosque built as a church in 1874 and became a place of worship of different religions until today I bow to the majesty of the mosque. 
     Alacati bazaar; fishing boats glittering waters in the network attached to the fish, however, as it is today through the ages abundance and fertility as the symbol of fishermen stand on the 
series stops, they still alive ... 
    the wind behind have taken surfing the sea on the stones are moving though the body with Rifat Dedeoglu As; "All cobbled streets, the vast majority of well-maintained two-storey stone masonry houses at any age, bright faces and top four windmills. Alacati is the summary." He wore a team of stone Safranbolu ... 
    Or Ildır (Erythrai) ... front of smallish island adorned with ; the sun from the horizon descends revealed shadows, red and purple juices soak crashing on the shore sunset with ILDIR ... 
    Acropolis slopes and situated stone on stone by placing the ancient home for thousands of years nature's unique beauty witnessed are. 
            adjoining a few windmills, however, never stop waving their arms as if and the ancient city of Ile Erythrai want to turn to the evil that has assumed the mission to deploy. Seeking reserved in features, ALAÇATI at. You see them, search, discover, find, fall ...

. Alaçatı, Alaçatı City